The 2021 AEAC Awards Breakfast will be VIRTUAL this year.  

Sunday, May 2, 2021 - VIRTUAL                                                                      NOMINEES SHOULD SUBMIT A SHORT VIDEO THAT WE WILL USE TO MAKE A MONTAGE.  CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO: Flipgrid AEAC video link          Directions: Record yourself in good light and wear your traditional clothes if you’d like!                                                                                                                                   1) Say hello in your native language and say your name.                                         2)  Say what school you go to/work at.                                                                       3) What grade are you in/what is your role?

AEAC is an acronym for Asian Education Advisory Council. The council was established, under court order, in 1985 by the Denver Public Schools Board of Education. AEAC seeks to improve educational opportunities and to provide quality education for all students, particularly students of Asian/Pacific Island (AA/PI) heritage.

Accordingly, the annual AEAC Awards were developed with the following goals:

1) To empower AA/PI students by promoting and modeling a strong, positive AA/PI identity

2) To facilitate the active, healthy engagement of AA/PI students with their schools and communities

3) To strengthen the relationships among students, families, schools, and communities

The council consists of diverse Asian ethnic representatives and includes DPS teachers and administrators, community professionals and parents.

While the main objective of the AEAC Awards is to recognize students of all grade levels for their outstanding academic achievement, talent and leadership qualities, it also honors the teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, and paraprofessionals who have made outstanding contributions to the success of Denver Public Schools students. In addition, selected students who demonstrate academic excellence will receive scholarships that range up to $500.